Porlex Tall Coffee Grinder

Porlex Tall Coffee Grinder

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This grinder is perfect for those who need to grind slightly more coffee than the mini (hopper holds about 40g versus 20g ).

Compact and convenient. Perfect for travelling or wherever you treat yourself to great coffee.  


  • Class leading Handle design (patent pending)
  • Ceramic conical burr
  • Full adjustment Turkish powder to French Press coarse
  • 47mm diameter, 170mm tall
  • Lifted curved handle is about 150mm long
  • Very quiet static free operation with effortless turning force required to grind
  • Bottom catch cup allows direct dosing into portafilter, no additional funnels needed
  • Grind rate is about 70 turns for 14 grams of beans for infusing.
  • Hopper Capacity about 40 grams of coffee beans
  • Made in Kagoshima, Japan.
  • English instructions included.

Your new grinder is:

A perfect fit for our agenda to help transition our waste energy economy.

When you buy a Porlex grinder from us we share our work and retail proceeds with:

  • Variety the Children's charity
  • Foodbank NT
  • Helping People Achieve (HPA)
  • Environment Centre NT


By working together $3.00 from the sale of every Porlex grinder goes to each organisation.

It's from your cup our charity groups benefit and prosper.

Together we strike a blow in the fight against poverty and inequality. 

Celebrate everything!