Infusing Coffee For Community and Climate Change


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Our Coffee Pollution

G’day, my name’s Nick with my new Cupresso infuser cup. Its reusable and my coffee is freshly ground. I’m in balance with nature and happy every day like this. 

In the meantime, in stark contrast, coffee rubbish is trucked and bulldozed daily. Why?

The UK is considering a take-away-cup-tax for the circa 2.5 BILLION plastic lined paper cup discarded every year. I imagine “rubbish” trucks will be relabelled “recycling” and traffic congestion won’t change in the populous UK.

This is like offering one band aide for multiple sores. An opportunity missed!

In the image below, I live in Darwin marked by the red dot at the top. In Australia we “waste” circa 1 BILLION cups annually. Thankfully, trucking cups to the bottom for recycling is too far to go and not a viable option.

Image source: Ilsa Holdway, Pinterest

Our quest is for a sensible, all-in-one, easy solution we can all share.

My role on planet earth is to lift the Holy Grail. Find our coffee triple bottom line.

Simple! I’m here to help you appreciate the happy actions we can all take NOW.

Flick a Switch

I like to view my coffee as a beautiful gift of nature. A blessing associated with making me feel good, stimulated and alive. I take and I am thankful.  

I also give back. On a daily basis I infuse because it’s easy and convenient. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The key to coffee success is to grind FRESH. Just like a barista.

What does a barista keep handy at home for freshly ground coffee?

An infuser/French press! Or you can order your new Cupresso here! 


It’s seriously simple and seriously good. Flick a switch. The easiest way to appreciate freshly ground coffee has always been - to add water. Goodness! So very simple with no electricity, steam, huffing, puffing, noise or waste. Nothing complicated to stop working and throw on a rubbish mountain.

The Cupresso infuser cup works with a press. You and the power of a teaspoon! Reliable and satisfying!

News to share with the world: Infusing is easy and convenient. It’s you and a natural process!

In fact, infusing is a pure joy of sustainable indulgence! Invest in a grinder and be your own barista. Just like that!

A good conical burr grinder? You can get one for less than $100 these days. Best, fresh friends forever.

Welcome to a new world of coffee excellence, equality and sustainability.

You lift your standard of living, save time and save money. And the benefits flow…

Move the Power of Coffee

After oil, coffee is our second most traded global commodity. A powerhouse!

Easily and naturally, let’s move the power of coffee.

First and foremost, the power of YOUR coffee is in YOUR hands. You are happy!

My actions mobilise COMMUNITY coffee. This is the beginning.

The Cupresso Social Café trailer sets up at Nightcliff Markets on Sundays. With grinders, hot water urn, milk warmers and a sink to wash and reuse equipment.


Infusions of coffee, tea and a range of herbals. We have it all and encourage self-service. It’s easy. Our rubbish bin stays empty and our collection of sink water is compostable.

Ethical and sustainable barista quality for a happy crowd!

We are a powerful community resource and you play your part.

Wow, this is great!

You can buy an affordable barista pack. Be-Your-Own-Barista at home, at work, travelling, or anywhere you like. FRESH and convenient! Come back and see us for more Oxfam Fair and Organic coffee and tea. You save on the postage. 

Volunteers run the Cupresso Social Café at Nightcliff markets and one of our strategic objectives is to encourage volunteering. In real terms, our “work” is an opportunity to engage and share. We make a cuppa, add vibrancy to our community markets and enjoy the company of others.

The proceeds of our work are shared with Variety the Children’s Charity and Foodbank NT.

The power of our coffee helps improve the lives of others. Satisfying and fulfilling!

Coffee rubbish becomes a distant memory. We empower our community to help meet our many challenges.

Think of the passion you have. Imagine the power in your cup. Act on the can-do attitude you have inside to help make a difference.   

The Laws of the Mind

Can you fathom what a switch to infusing means to global economics?

Can you help yourself to FRESH coffee and notice the change? A dilution of coffee wealth has many implications. All good!

Our Governments are challenged by our ever changing “environment”. The money cake only has so many slices and OUR Governments could use OUR help.

Let's make a bigger cake with FRESH coffee.

Forget the processed and powdered stuff – it’s neutered.

Freshly ground coffee is easy - add water!

You can start with a French press, or now you can help us help us crowd fund Cupresso production.

You can order your new Cupresso here! 

Make an impact with your FRESH coffee every day.   

A FRESH and sustainable path for you, the community and environment. Our Blended Value triple bottom line. Thank you help make this happen!



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  • Hi Nick,
    we at TCL Hofmann are a trading company importing polymer resins and processing equipment. We are also a local agent for Eastman Tritan which is used in many high quality coffee cups in Australia and overseas markets.

    If we can help you with Tritan for any of your current or future designs please advice us, my direct contact number is 0432 332 312.

    John Tassigiannakis

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