About Cupresso

Coffee BEANS: A beautiful gift of nature.

Enjoy your coffee fresh and you can help change the world.

Easily and naturally! 

Our first generation Cupresso infuser cup is a modern representation of the classic French press. 

When winter came and my French press kept getting cold I asked myself a simple question: “Why doesn’t somebody combine the ‘cup’ and ‘press’, insulate it and put a lid on?”

Time has passed and these short home videos show our latest 'Cupresso' working prototype in action:

Cupresso Crowd Funding Pre-launch: Making Freshly Ground Coffee

Cupresso Crowd Funding Pre-launch: Making Loose Leaf Tea

All according to the brief and more:

  • Insulated with a lid.
  • Sustainable and reusable.
  • Strong and light weight.
  • Beautiful and easy to use.
  • Featuring a removable container for storing your next coffee or tea.

Life changes when your cuppa is fresh and convenient. 

Be the Change for Mother Nature!

You can help support our crowdfunding by entering our barista pack prize draw now. 

It's free to enter!

Grinding: The secret! 

Select one of our grinders and slip it in next to your kettle. 

The easiest way for you to be your own barista!

At the push of a button, you can make freshly ground coffee any time you like. Beautiful!

We supply the Sunbeam range of conical burr grinders.

They're affordable, reliable and perform with ease.

We recommend a coarse setting and grinding for about six seconds for a small infuser.

Glorious coffee as fresh as you can get and simply amazing! 

Play and find your barista magic!

The Cupresso Brand

Life on earth is changing. 

There seems to be a sense of urgency.

As we look to re-calibrate the answers lay in simplicity. It's plain to see!

Nature: Our greatest source of technology!

Easily and naturally our biggest changes come from within.  

Our purpose at Cupresso: To help us bond with each other and the environment to improve outcomes.

Easily and naturally!  


We operate with a Blended Value business model: 

We sell our equipment and supplies and share our work and retail proceed with not-for-profit groups.

Here the power of your purchase helps Variety the Children's Charity.

This helps kids be kids!


Take care of where you spend and what you buy. There is power in your purchase.

Even small amounts spent mindfully can create outcomes beneficial for the community and environment.

These are times of excitement and hope.

Life on earth IS changing. 

Our suggestion is to sit and enjoy a freshly ground coffee. What a challenge!

If there appears to be a sense of urgency discuss this with a friend. Make new ones. 

Life is OK if we put ourselves in a good place first. Then we can tackle anything!

Your coffee Holy Trinity: You, your grinder and your infuser (Cupresso/ French press).

Save time and save money. Easily and naturally! 

Thank you help make the world a better place with Blended Value: Good for you, the community and environment.

Celebrate everything!