Oxfam Fair Organic Coffee

Luxury coffee with a community purpose.

You can get it now.

Be your own fresh barista at home!

We love Oxfam coffee because it's Fair and Organic.

A perfect fit for our agenda to help transition and share our waste energy economy.

When you buy a bag of beans from us we share our work and retail proceeds with:

  • Variety the Children's charity
  • Foodbank NT
  • Helping People Achieve (HPA)
  • Environment Centre NT


By working together $1.00 from the sale of every 1kg bag of beans goes to each organisation.

It's from your cup our charity groups benefit and prosper.

Together we strike a blow in the fight against poverty and inequality. 

The landscape is changing.

The power of your coffee is in your hands!

Make it fair and make it count!

The benefits are many:

  1. Make your coffee fresh and your waste becomes valuable mush. That's it!
  2. Mother Nature loves you!
  3. You can be your own barista and lift the quality of your coffee.
  4. Save money!
  5. Help empower our charity sector in our transitioning economy.

A fresh approach! There's a lot to love.

All it takes is for you to grind your beans fresh.

Just like a barista; anywhere you like, anytime you want.

Be your own barista with a conical burr grinder next to your kettle.

Easily and naturally - progress - in one rich and rewarding step!

To get started now you can find our grinders and barista packs here.

Delivery Notes:

  1. Order and pay now and your order will be sent express in an Australia Post paper tough bag.
  2. Help minimise your impact! Please put your empty paper post bag in the 'P' bin for recycling or 'O' bin for composting. Refer to our blog post for further details: [...]
  3. To help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint we are working on local pick up points for your order. As they become available you can select one near you at time of checkout.
  4. Your delivery is fulfilling in many ways!

You love your coffee.

Make it more!

Help transition and share our waste energy economy!

Celebrate everything!

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