French Press

Beauty and simplicity - we love the French press! 

We have two sizes. While stocks last!

We hope supply of this affordable French press continues, but may become an issue.

Get one while you can. 

Using a French press is as easy as you like:

  1. Grind your beans directly into the Fench press.
  2. Splash some tap water over the top to insulate the fresh grounds.
  3. Add boiled water and infuse for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Press down the infuser, pour and enjoy.

This is one luxury you can enjoy.  

Take control of your own fresh coffee.

Be your own barista. Easily and naturally. 

We work and share our retail proceeds with local not for profit groups.

When you purchase today the proceeds are shared like this:

  • 20% Variety the Children's charity
  • 20% Foodbank NT
  • 20% HPA (Helping People Achieve)
  • 20% Environment Centre NT
  • 80% Subtotal
  • 20% Cupresso P/L (Admin)
  • 100% Total Goodness

Thank you for contributing to a better world. 

Trickle up economics!

Community empowerment and resilience. 


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